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Oct 11, 2012 4:00pm EDT
're at a midpoint. >> all right, ben. thank you. steve, always good to see you. we are going out to the downside four days in a row for the dow. that's the first hour of the "closing bell." here's number two. >>> and welcome back to the "closing bell." i'm michelle caruso-cabrera in for maria bartiromo. >> i'm bill griffeth. here's what we're following at the close. here we go again. the dow set to close lower for a fourth straight day despite a rally out of the gates first thing this morning. the s&p 500 is set to snap a four-day losing streak. nope. well, i guess we're up two points right now. no, a fraction. it's going to be a squeaker. we're going to be up all night waiting for the final results. >> let's get straight to today's market action. ben pace joins us along with dan gender. >> a cast of thousands joining us today. >> guys, what do you think here? ben, we seem to have a problem this week. we really struggled today to hold on to positive territory. why? >> yeah, we really couldn't even hold it at the end. i think the reality of weak third quarter earnings are starting to set in. you
Oct 12, 2012 4:00pm EDT
happen to believe jeff is the smartest guy in the room. he's up there with steve jobs in the category of being a brilliant businessman. but what about todd's suggestion that the strategy only works if you don't have any competition out there. >> now, i disagree with that point. i think that the content offering amazon has vastly improved since when they first launched the kindle fire. the ability to lock in customers and really the prime customers is who i'm talking about, the customers who are more apt to be subscribers to the business on a regular basis. that's a great way to monetize your business. with that group growing anywhere between 20 and 30% annually, i think that's a smart move. that's going to lock in their customer base and make them less likely to switch out to other businesses. >> let's talk about amazon and best buy. best buy now says they're going to match everything on amazon. is that a threat to amazon? >> walmart is doing it too. >> i think that is about amazon and walmart, not amazon and best buy. >> i agree. i don't think it's that big of an issue. holiday shopp
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2